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Janet Crain


Janet Crain – is a retired dentist, author, hypnocoach, international lecturer, cancer survivor and expert Tree Reader. She has appeared on television (NBC, ABC, and Fox) and on radio. As an International lecturer and world traveler she enjoys making friends all over the world. Fine dining, shows, movies and shopping are her favorite past times. Engrossed in a mystery or detective novel is her idea of a fun day. Craft fairs, knitting, painting and redecorating fill her creative appetite.

Soul Inspired Suggestions Revealed in a Simple Tree Drawing

Insights revealed through tree drawing interpretations can be used to identify problem areas and behaviors that respond to hypnosis.Success in transformation is greater when rapport and trust is developed. Tree Reading can be added to your pre-talk and in less than 2 minutes your relationship with your client is solidified. The tree does not lie. This simple drawing of a tree gives a plethora of information useful in developing an empowering suggestions. Unique characteristics are uncovered that reveal the life changing experiences of the past that are influencing the current situation. The FBI and law enforcement use handwriting analysis to obtain information about an individual’s personality. Interpretation of tree drawings provides much of the same information and can reveal interesting insights about the person without words or language limitations. Tree reading is not therapy. However, it can have a therapeutic effect and can elevate the benefits to your client.