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Jane Ann Covington

Jane Anne Covington


Jane Ann Covington Certified by Gil Boyne in 1987 has been in full time practice ever since and boasts a 95% success rate. Further, her school, Hypnosis Institute International School, provides online and in-house training, and continuing ed classes, authorized by A.C.H.E. since 1995. She is also the author of GETTING RID OF ANXIETY (a tutorial for hypnotherapists giving them 24 CEUs), speaker, trainer and coach in many areas. Jane Ann resides in Atlanta, GA, and works globally in person and by video conferencing.

How to Interview Insightfully

The importance of your first interview is without fail the start of a successful client and working experience. Most hypnotherapists are not taught to interview deeply, allowing you and your client to open up to underlying issues that will bring them to a state of awareness that the work you do with them will be and is a process, not magic. This style of interview will give you and your client clarity about where to start in the overall scheme of the work you’ll be doing together to get rid of anxiety, depression, anger, emotional and physical pain, blocks that are holding them back from their greater good. This presentation style will be both lecture and experiential.