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James Tripp


James Tripp – is an internationally recognised and respected hypnotist, trainer, coach and teacher of self-mastery, hypnosis and influential communication. Coming from a diverse background including philosophy, music, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis. Beyond working with private clients, James runs workshops internationally and his London and UK workshops typically draw students from around the world. In addition to his work within the field of hypnosis he has also consulted in the fields of sales, education and business leadership.

Hypno Tricks w/ Adrian Madril

Join hypnotist, mentalist, and international teaching sensation James Tripp, along with master manipulator and all-around nice guy Adrian Madril for the entertaining and educational class that will take your hypnosis to the next level. Through the use of magic and mayhem, you will not only learn magic, but learning from magic the subtleties of making hypnosis magical. This class you will broaden your awareness of everyday phenomena by experiencing magic and mentalism in a manner that will build value to your clients. The best part is these skills will be taught with items that are readily available to you in everyday life.

The Precision Elicitation of Hypnotic Phenomena

Many approaches to hypnosis rely on recipes or scripts followed by rote to get results without much consideration for the specifics of the experience being created.

James is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop: James Tripp’s Hypnosis Skills Bootcamp

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