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James Tripp


James TrippĀ – is an internationally recognised and respected hypnotist, trainer, coach and teacher of self-mastery, hypnosis and influential communication. Coming from a diverse background including philosophy, music, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis. Beyond working with private clients, James runs workshops internationally and his London and UK workshops typically draw students from around the world. In addition to his work within the field of hypnosis he has also consulted in the fields of sales, education and business leadership.

The Structure of Every Day Trances

Have you ever tried to change something fundamental about your ‘character’ or habitual responses simply through conscious choice or will power?

Tough isn’t it!

This is because we don’t really live our lives from in-the-moment conscious choices; we live our lives through our trance repertoires – a range of predictable response sets that shape our engagement with the world.

Coming to understand the nature of everyday trances and trance repertoires is an essential foundation to lasting change work, whether it be in facilitating change with others or facilitating change within yourself.


When people come to learning hypnosis, there is often a great focus on words, languaging and even ‘scripts’. This is understandable as words are powerful, but yet more powerful still are the underpinning and essential non-verbal aspects of communication, and this is something rarely taught in great depth or detail in the world of hypnosis training. In this presentation, James will be going into detail on how to focus your your intent as a hypnotist and how to express it powerfully and nonverbally.

“James Tripp opened things up with an exquisite lesson in congruent communication, total body talk and appealing to the primal. It was like hearing a sage speak or watching a tai chi master move (which he may well be). When you have his level of mastery it is as if you can explain the whole by looking at any tiny part and he did just that, diving into the micro while informing us about the macro. There weren’t tons of techniques taught, yet so much take-away. His use of non verbals is way beyond the theatrics of the witch doctor effect. Great to see how his ideas continue to develop.” – Anthony Jacquin’s reflections on this presentation at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2016

Resilience and Resourcefulness Versus Escaping Into Fantasy

In outcome focused changework, it is important to be able to distinguish between client generated outcomes that build resilience and resourcefulness versus those that simply serve as flights into fantasy. Whilst this may seem obvious, the distinction is not always clear as ‘fantasy based outcomes’ can often masquerade as resources, whilst in actuality distracting from true the resilience and resource that will serve the client.