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James Hazlerig Pre

Master Spellbinding Storytelling

August 24



In addition to being inherently hypnotic, stories provide the changeworker with a framework for delivering conversational suggestions, indirectly addressing sensitive issues, presenting healing metaphors, and compounding suggestions. Nested loop storytelling takes the process one step further, creating intense and deep natural trances for our clients.

Spend the day with a master storyteller and international trainer learning the nuances of hypnotic storytelling and metaphor, and receive personal coaching in the art of spellbinding storytelling.

I grew up hearing my father tell stories—legends of our ancestors, accounts of his childhood as a migrant laborer in the Depression, folk-tales from around the world, great stories of heroes from history and literature. My mother matched him story-for-story, especially recounting her use of hypnosis to nullify the pain of childbirth not once, but four times.

As a result of this upbringing, I took to storytelling like a fish to water: First, as a champion bard in medieval re-enactment, then as a writer and graduate student of literature, next as a professional performer and musician, and finally as a change worker.

In addition to using hypnotic storytelling to help my individual clients quit smoking, release fear, manage stress, and live happier lives, I’ve used storytelling as an important part of my group work:

*teaching anger management for Austin Recovery
*teaching mental freedom at the Travis County jail
*teaching the history of hypnosis for the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute
*teaching hypnotic storytelling and metaphor:
*at Anne King’s Hypnosis Center
*at HypnoThoughts Live
*for the International Certifying Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Along the way I’ve edited a number of books on hypnosis and written a few as well. In 2014, I co-authored (with international hypnosis trainer Richard Nongard) Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton Erickson. In 2016, I released The Little Book of Laughnosis: Using the Hypnotic Power of Unconditional Laughter to Change Lives, in addition to being featured in Igor Ledochowski’s Hypnotic Masters Series.