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The Four Word Induction

August 28-29


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What is the four-word induction?

Did James Hazlerig, Master Storyteller, invent it?

No, it’s been in existence since the 14th century, handed down from practitioner to practitioner–and now you can learn what makes it so powerful.

Join Master Storyteller James Hazlerig for in-depth training into how to tell stories and craft metaphors to help your clients change–before they close their eyes.

You will learn:

How stories actually work, and why they are such powerful hypnosis
How to find, collect, and adapt your own stories
How to employ metaphors, both domestic and wild
How to incorporate conversational hypnosis into storytelling
How to mesmerize your listeners
How to create Nested Loop stories
How to go beyond Nested Loops

You will get hands-on experience and critique in this master class.

James Hazlerig, MA, is the founder of the Order of Spellbinding Storytellers and creator of The Hypnotic Stories Podcast, as well as an author, musician, master storyteller, and veteran presenter at various hypnosis schools and conferences.