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Jacob Burgess


Jacob Burgess – CH is a certified hypnotist and NLP Practitioner with 5 years of experience helping people make positive changes. As an inventor and creator he has also developed a hypnotic card game called PERSUASION which was very well received at HypnoThoughts Live 2016!

He has studied extensively with David Snyder, Igor Ledochowski and Mark Cunningham and has numerous hypnosis certifications including: Society of NLP, San Diego Hypnosis Institute, IAPCH and NGH.

Jacob would like to begin sharing his learnings and knowledge with other curious and eager hypnotists by presenting at HypnoThoughts Live 2017!

The Power of Play: Hypnosis & Gamification

There is a new trend sweeping the world, it’s called Gamification.

What we have learned recently or you could say simply re-learned as adults, using the Power of Play helps us create neuroplasticity to learn and make changes faster! When we use the Power of Play, we can create greater engagement and positive momentum with people and groups.