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J.A. Sanchez


J.A. Sanchez – is the author of Hypnosis 2100-Parallel Dimension-Alternative Complimentary Counseling Therapy. Has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a Masters Degree in Clinical Hypnosis. He has been working with the physical and mentally disadvantaged clients. During the last years he has been working in the pharmaceutical area and giving complementary therapies. He has being a professor/lecturer with the University of Puerto Rico at the Mayaguez Campus, Metropolitan University Ana G. Mendez in Tampa Florida and Puerto Rico , Interamerican University, and Universidad Católica. He has been the President of the IACT in Puerto Rico.

He has been giving workshops for IACT, National Guild of Hypnotists, and the Mid-America Hypnosis. He is also been affiliated with the American Counseling Association.

Currently has been requested to be a guest speaker for the Convention of Psychologists and the Association of Pharmacy Technicians. Also in the Instituto de Banca y Comercio.

Clinical Hypnosis, Inner Child Regression,Life Between Life, Past Life and Generation Regression Therapy

The Different personalities with there physical Health Personally, Root of conflict and their personal spirit Conditions .
And How to Work with friends, family and client.

Side Effects of not knowing of blood Type and analysis of Chinese Pulse with the Meridian
And pharmaceutical intake and the controversy in not information and not giving follow up in the process
In Clnical Hypnosis Therapy

Also information of using Iridology as a helping tool to evaluate internal Organs .