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inesawardLearning and Using The Simpson Protocol

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 30th & 31st




 Learning and Using The Simpson Protocol

The Simpson Protocol uses and communicates in the Esdaile State, which allows access to the important and significant aspects of the clients mind, producing deep and lasting outcomes.The Simpson Protocol is a system that is simple, flexible and infinitely adaptable to all aspects of a client’s situation – whether that situation is physical, mental or spiritual, and most importantly this is a system that is can be completely non-invasive – that is the hypnotist can ‘arrive’ at great outcomes for their clients -even when the hypnotist receives no particular knowledge of the issue involved.

James Esdaile first discovered this deep state of hypnosis in order to conduct pain free surgery, in which he was very successful – however no-one then or in recent times (including Dave Elman) was able to communicate in this very ‘deep’ state of hypnosis – until now.

Ines Simpson has developed a way to communicate interactively with the client’s Mind while they are in the Esdaile (hypnotic coma) level and beyond, and then use this communication to reach the ultimate levels of a clients mind and elicit desired outcomes.

The Simpson Protocol “the new paradigm in the field of hypnosis”,is always growing and improving as more and more students take it to new levels and apply it in new areas. Many of these new areas and processes will be shared in this very interactive session.

In this seminar you will learn how to attain and use the Esdaile State in your practice. You will also learn how use the simple SP question flow to elicit huge changes and outcomes that are significant lasting and produced in a very short time . In just a few sessions, with SP you can eliminate the deepest of issues, whatever their original cause.

In the Simpson Protocol the hypnotist’s judgment is taken out of the equation, as all the work is done by the Clients part of the Mind ( the Superconcious) that knows the issues, and how to resolve them in an optimum way for the client. This also allows clients to maintain privacy about their issues, yet still have complete resolution.

Ines has now incorporated Ted Robinson’s powerful version of EFT into the Protocol in order to eliminate Resistance to Change and Trust issues, which assists clients to enter the deepest states of hypnosis right from their first session.