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Ines Simpson

Ines Simpson


Ines Simpson -is a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis from both the NGH and Omni Hypnosis and has won the prestigious award from the NGH for Teacher of the Year. She has developed the Simpson Protocol over the last 15 years and has been invited to present in Europe and as far away as Dubai. She is always well received and is a premier teacher of her Protocol because she knows it so intimately and is so capable of sharing it with students.

Introduction to The Simpson Protocol Advanced Hypnosis System

With this Protocol we learn how to communicate with the subconscious mind in a two-way interaction at the Esdaile and beyond. And how to apply all the learning for a multitude of Change Work.  This seminar will show hypnotists how to interact with the subconscious at the Esdaile (Hypnotic Coma) level. In the past little has been known about what is happening in the clients mind. This level was of course used very successful in Pain control. We now can interact with the client with two-way communication. A whole new area of thought is open now and only you can imagine where it could take the work you do now. The Simpson Protocol is a simple, easy and infinitely flexible tool. As the work is being done by the clients own mind, at a very deep level, the practitioner is taken completely out of the equation – no guess work is needed, the client’s deepest and highest mind (when using the Simpson Protocol) is allowed to always produce the optimum outcome for that client at that time.The Simpson Protocol is now being used for natural painfree childbirth, pre-post surgery induction,fertility issues,sexual healing, and most exciting surrogate work with children from 1 week to 7 years and in a specialty field animals and trainers. Lastly an immense amount of metaphysical work is possible with this Protocol, for those who so choose.

Ines is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

Learning and Using the Simpson Protocol 
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