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Igor Ledochowski


Igor Ledochowski – Several Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, J. Sainsbury and Grant Thornton hired Igor to train their senior level management on using the power of persuasion and covert hypnosis.

By taking what he had learned from Dr. Erickson, Igor isolated the main principles of Dr. Erickson’s work and implemented his own strategy of what he’d call – Complete Covert Hypnosis.

It was truly powerful to turn Dr. Erickson’s semi-covert strategies into truly “under-the-conscious-radar” strategies, where they could easily be implemented into everyday normal conversation without anyone noticing.

Igor’s success in the corporate world led him to open up his own hypnotherapy clinic where he treated patients for issues such as weight problems, smoking issues, fears, phobias and damaged relationships just to name a few.

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The Secret Formula That Turns Any Conversation Instantly Hypnotic

Most people think that Conversational Hypnosis is all about the words that you say.

When people first try to use Conversational Hypnosis they often stumble and become awkward as they search for the perfect suggestion, the perfect way of phrasing something to get their message across.

You could spend years learning and perfecting this kind of hypnotic language.

And whilst it IS very powerful in the right context, if you miss out one foundational piece that comes BEFORE the words that you say, then you risk that everything you suggest will fall on deaf ears!

In this session we will explore this foundation of Conversational Hypnosis. You don’t need to be an export in hypnotic language for this session to make sense: your own words will be enough. When you turn on this “Secret Formula” even normal positive talk can induce deep and transformative trances.

When you skip this foundational formula however, even the most clever hypnotic suggestion is doomed to failure.

By then end of this session you will have the key to turning any “normal” conversation into a healthy hypnotic
one at will.

The Little Known Path To Mastering Hypnosis Revealed

In this session we look a how to master hypnosis as quickly and easily as possible. There is a lot of recent research on peak performance practices and mastery. Most of the studies focus on sports and music – the two fields which have clearly defined “masters” of their craft.

But the “mastery formula” distilled from these studies has a much wider application than just these two fields.
Many of leaders in the field of hypnosis accidentally applied the Mastery Formula to their own careers and, as a result, saw their hypnosis skills soar and their hypnosis practice grow as their fame spread.

In this session we will look at the 4 Keys to this Mastery Formula. We’ll break each key down into simple steps, actions or ideas that you can apply yourself and see your own skills rise.

Here’s a taste of the kind of thing we’ll
be covering:

✓ The 4 Keys To Mastery

✓ How a Talent Hotbed can develop masters out of “ordinary” people

✓ The key to finding and harnessing your own motivation

✓ How to beat information overload

✓ Why “correct” information is not always GOOD information

✓ How to avoid the information pitfall that can transform potential genius’ and masters into average or even below average performers

✓ Why practice doesn’t always make perfect

✓ How to do 1 month’s worth of practice in 6 minutes

✓ How to create an environment for Masters

How To Motivate & Empower Others By Using Covert Revivification In Your Conversations

Conversational Hypnosis comes in many shapes and guises. If we could distill the essence of Conversational
Hypnosis down to just a handful of techniques, then one of the most important ones would be the art of Revivification.

The ability to revivify experiences lies at the heart of any method designed to empower others. Any successful Coach, Teacher, Salesperson, Parent, Healer, Therapist or Mentor will be using some form of covert revivification in their work, whether they know it or not.

With Conversational Revivifications you can:

✓ Unblock a stuck mind and turn a NO! into a YES!

✓ Reignite someone’s passion and enthusiasm

✓ Effortlessly unlock people’s motivation and drive

✓ Quickly heal wounds of the mind and the heart

✓ Inspire people to think and act at a higher standard than they previously dared to

✓ Move people to grasp victories out of the jaws of “certain defeat”

✓ Open people up to new learnings (and make the whole learning process easier and more efficient!)

✓ Turn awkward sales conversations into natural win/wins

In this training session we’ll be exploring the
keys to Revivifications as well as how to make them
covert enough to fit into any conversation!

Hypnotic Journeys: How To Run Dynamic Group Hypnosis Sessions Giving You More Time, More Money & More Clients

Group hypnosis sessions are an easy and safe form of hypnosis that should be in every hypnotists toolkit. Novices can learn a few simple rules which will allow them to offer Hypnotic Journeys to their friends and acquaintances, so that they always have willing and eager volunteers to practice hypnosis on.

More experienced hypnotists will love Hypnotic Journeys because they can achieve some important things like:

✓ Develop an additional, ongoing stream of income for your hypnosis practice

✓ Give people a powerful taste of hypnosis and inspire them to book a private session to overcome their problems

✓ Indirectly soften up a clients “stuck” issue by layering in suggestions when they are distracted by the journey

✓ Offer people of all income levels an opportunity to benefit from the power of hypnosis without “breaking the bank”

✓ Harvest the “compounded interest” of personal transformation when people make seemingly small positive changes every week, every month and every year…

Imagine you could take a group of people through a hypnotic journey where each person had their own individual experience. What if you could design it in such a way that the experience each person gets is exactly what they
need to move forwards in life?

In this session we’ll reveal the secrets to running a successful Hypnotic Journey program with any group. You’ll even get a chance to experience the power of a Hypnotic Journey for yourself, so that you can feel for yourself how compelling they can be.

Igor is also offering a 3 day post conference workshop:

How to Tell Transformational Hypnotic Stories  
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