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Howard Batie

Howard Baitie


Howard Batie  is a retired Naval Officer, a retired Program Manager for several satellite communications systems, and is a Certified Hypnotist since 1996.  He is currently Director of the Evergreen Healing Arts Center in Chehalis, WA where he provides Spiritual Hypnotic Regression and Exploration services for his local and remote clients.  He is the developer and primary Teacher for the Spiritual Journeys program, and is also an internationally-published award-winning author of three books, the 1998 Distinguished Alumnus of Centralia (WA) College, and Past President of Centralia Rotary Club.  His website is www.howardbatie.com.

Spiritual Journeys: An Accelerated Methodology for Spiritual Development and Exploration

Spiritual Journeys is a self-hypnosis program that teaches your spiritually-inclined clients to hypnotize themselves and rise into a higher state of consciousness in seconds, and then to establish a conscious two-way dialog with their own Higher Self and Spirit Guide to obtain helpful information they can use in their everyday life.  With this foundational ability, they can then be guided by you to begin safely exploring one or more of three optional paths: the Spiritual Healing path teaches them how to step into their own Mastery as an energy healing facilitator using several advanced techniques involving Angelic assistance; in the personal Spiritual Growth path the client is guided to recall their own spiritual experiences beginning from the instant they were created by Creator; and the Spiritual Exploration path teaches the client to consciously investigate information from the Akashic Record of all of Creation, including other worlds and other universes.