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Hena Husain

Hena Husain


Hena Husain – is an inspirational, motivational speaker who empowers others to take on their lives. She combines her outside the box thinking with the ethos of an educator. Her goal is to share knowledge and provide pathways to action. Hena draws from her diverse training including a bachelor’s degree from Simon Frazer University in Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Learning Disability, a C.Ht certification from the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy and multiple post graduate certifications in NLP, Medical Hypnosis, Reikki master, EFT and TLT. She is a certified instructor for IACT and IMDHA and is the past President of the Michigan Chapter.

The Biology of Belief

Learn how the cells in your body work
– The connection between the brain and the body
– Is it nature or nurture?
– Is it genes or the environment effecting our behavior and causing our diseases?
– Learn that genes and DNA do not control our biology {So what does?!}
– The impact of environment on our genes
– The connection between spirit and science
This lecture is based on Bruce Lipton’s book, his research and breakthrough theories in cell biology and quantum physics. This book helped me understand the connection between our brain, body and behavior which I now use to help my clients achieve greater success in their goals. And now I would like my colleagues to benefit from this knowledge.

Learn to Love Every Relationship in Your Life – Yes, Every One!

Uncovering your hidden beliefs about relationships
– The impact of not mastering relationships
– Building self-esteem
– Trust: the foundation of all relationships
– Compassion: Understanding the emotional component
– Communication: Ability to elicit the desired response
– How to be at peace with EVERYONE in your life. Really!
90% of clients that come to us for hypnosis, regardless of the issue, come because they are using an addiction to mask or numb their pain in a relationship that they have not healed at a subconscious level. Our clients are unaware of the unseen costs of not mastering their relationship to self and others. And they are not aware that an issue like smoking or weight loss is deep down about their relationship to others and to themselves. In this workshop you will get the tools to have your clients uncover their hidden beliefs and other factors that are affecting them that they cannot even see.