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Helen Mitas


Helen Mitas – is dedicated to raising the profile of the Hypnotherapy Industry globally and specialises in helping Hypnotherapists to a six-figure turnover within 12 months just as she has done with her own business.

Helen is the founder of Hypnofit, which is a thriving Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Hypnofit has helped thousands of people suffering from the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, addictions, and weight problems.

Helen is the Worlds # 1 Hypnosis Mentor and the Founder of the revolutionary 15 Steps to Hypnosis Business Success online program. She is a qualified Professional Speaker with Professional Speakers Association of Australia and an experienced International Speaker. Helen is the published author of the book Mindset Dominance and was the the keynote speaker at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St Louis and the New Zealand Hypnosis Federation. She received an enormous amount of positive feedback from her presentations at NGH & Hypnothoughts Live 2017.

How to Create and sell Programs Which are Essential to Your Business Success

If you want a successful Hypnotherapy business, you simply MUST have programs with multiple sessions!
Seeing clients for 1 – 2 sessions will never give you a viable business or the success that your clients need.
You will always be chasing the next lead!

Having programs require less leads and gives you consistent income!In order for prospects to become clients, they need to place their trust in your ability to help them.A structured program shows your prospects that you understand where they are right now and the pain that they are experiencing.

They can see that you have the tools and a proven system to help them break free from pain. They are motivated to make the changes they desire by purchasing your program.

Programs enable you to transform your business, as your calendar is suddenly booked well in advance as one client after another commits to programs.

Programs enable your clients to succeed at so many levels that they become your walking talking advertisement.
Behavioral Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to use transformational language that builds trust and rapport with your market
2. Learn how to create a structure and a system that gives prospects confidence in your credibility
3 Learn how to connect with prospects by showing them you understand their struggles
4. Learn how to make it easier for prospects to take action
5. Learn how to Sell your programs effectively
6. Learn how to improve your clients chances of achieving success in the short and long-term

Helen is offering a 2 day pre conference workshop: The Hypnofit Expert Therapist System

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