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Helen Breward


Helen Breward – is the pioneer of The Menopause Relief Programme, which has gained national and international recognition for helping ladies with their hot flushes. She now trains therapist in her work and has practitioners in eight countries helping ladies to take back control. Helen has also presented her work at hypnosis conferences in Canada, Las Vegas and London.

Prior to working full time in her hypnotherapy clinic, Helen was a primary school teacher for 13 years.

Mind over Menopause

Helen Breward’s Pioneering Menopause Relief Programme helps ladies control their hot flushes. You will learn about –

basic background information about the menopause
role of estrogen & progesterone
common triggers
gain insight on how you can help your menopausal clients with practical methods and hypnosis.

In essence it is a mini workshop.
A great opportunity for what is becoming a new market in hypnotherapy.