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Helen Breward


Helen Breward – I was a primary school teacher for 13 years, prior to being a full time hypnotist (in England we are hypnotherapist), working from a wellbeing clinic in Swindon, Wiltshire. December 2014 I wrote, what is now the Menopause Relief Programme, since then I have gained national and now international recognition for this work. I am married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Menopause Relief for Your Female Clients

I will be talking about my own pioneering menopause relief programme, how I help female clients to take control of their own hot flashes, reducing the intensity and in a lot of cases the amount of occurrences. Participants will gain basic information on the menopause, the role of hormones, common triggers and 3 case studies. The whole talk is peppered with information and tips that you can use with your own clients. This is very much an emerging market within hypnosis, one that their is a great need for. Every woman goes through the menopause and hot flashes are probably the most common disruptive and debilitating symptom. Millions of menopausal women want or need an alternative to hrt for this problem.