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Hansruedi Wipf


Hansruedi Wipf-  is the successor of Gerald “Jerry” Kein, CEO of Hypnose.NET GmbH / OMNI Hypnosis International, member of the board of the Swiss Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, Author of two best selling books on hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Regression to Cause & Fix it – R2C According to OMNI

Regression to Cause & Fix it – R2C – is probably the fastest and most effective way to help your clients. You will understand the “R2C & Fix it” process and how important it is, to truly solve a problem for good, no matter what the challenge, from fears and phobias to allergies, OCD, depressions, migrane, crohn’s disease, smoking, weight, pain, and even cases of cancer and MS.

Find out about the newest scientific research and how it supports this process.

Ultra-Height: Solving Problems with the Supra Conscious Level

Working in the Supra-Conscious Level – a fascinating process that was developed by Gerald “Jerry” Kein and has been developed further by Hansruedi Wipf. Fascinating results that just may make the difference in many of your cases. Mandatory for all the tuffer issues, such as cancer, MS.

Latest fMRI Research supports that Ultra-Height reaches different parts of your brain and can help your clients in just about any situation.

What is UH, how does it work, how do you get there. Incl. live demo.

Hansruedi is offering a 2 day post conference workshop: HypnoSport – Working with top Athletes and Teams

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