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Hakan Kallving


Håkan Källving runs the Hypnotism Institute of Stockholm (Hypnosinstitutet i Stockholm) in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an international certified clinical hypnotherapist trained by the best in the field with a never-ending strive to learn more. Began using self-hypnosis in 1998 by learning Italian in a few short months utilizing “power programming” techniques. He has been teaching self-hypnosis classes for 13 years. An expert on subconscious changes in helping people reach their goals, solve problems and become free from addictions through effective use of hypnosis. He has been featured in various media as an expert in hypnosis. A former, track & field national team athlete (men’s high hurdles), with a passion for sport’s peak performance by creative use of the mind. He is passionate and dynamic with an ongoing strive for “what works-formulas”.

The Secrets of Instantaneous Inductions

Ever experienced an uneasy feeling when inducing hypnosis because you worry the slow relaxing and/or visualizing method won’t be as effective for a particular client? This is a common concern from hypnotherapists relying on “scripts and techniques” for inducing hypnosis. If a client is more analytical, the concern is “I’d better get them into hypnosis fast or I’ll lose session time.”