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H. Larry Elman

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H. Larry Elman – Dave Elman’s son, took his father’s course several times before attending MIT and becoming an aeronautical engineer. During careers in engineering and the Air Force, Larry had to restrict his hypnosis activities. Now CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, Larry lectures and teaches hypnosis internationally while producing CDs and DVDs that demonstrate Dave Elman’s medical hypnosis methods. Larry also gives Certification Courses several times each year, as well as more advanced hypnosis instruction and shorter courses world wide.

Waking Hypnosis for Children, Adults & Your Practice

Waking Hypnosis is an oft-neglected tool of the Hypnosis Profession. It will be taught here in forms useful for both adult and juvenile clients,  as well as a tool to enhance your hypnosis practice.  In order to use Waking Hypnosis for children,  one must consider the development of the Critical Faculty.  For Waking Hypnosis to be effective with adults,  the development and bypass of the Critical Faculty is again important.  Finally,  you should begin using Waking Hypnosis on the client’s first inquiring phone call. This Presentation is intended to provide a full understanding of Waking Hypnosis,  including specific examples,  both comical and anxiety-filled.

Academic Test Anxiety & Other Similar Challenges

In 2010,  at the 50th Reunion of his MIT Class,  a very close friend of Larry Elman’s said to his wife,  “If it were not for Larry,  I would never have graduated MIT.”   Cheryl called Larry over  to hear this.  Larry was shocked;  the friend had a higher GPA and was a better student.  The friend said,  “Larry,  don’t you remember all the times you used hypnosis to relieve my test anxiety?”  Meanwhile,  Larry was tutoring, primarily Middle School and High School students,  using similar methods,  but less obvious because of community fears of hypnosis.  These methods also apply to Sports Enhancement and several other fields.

H. Larry & Cheryl are also offering a 2 day pre conference workshop:

Best Practices of Dave Elman 
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