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H. Larry Elman

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H. Larry Elman – Colonel H Larry Elman, Dave Elman’s son, took his father’s course several times before attending MIT. During careers in engineering and the Air Force, Larry had to restrict his hypnosis activities. Now CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute (“DEHI”), Larry lectures and teaches hypnosis internationally, as well as writing on hypnosis subjects, and producing CDs and DVDs demonstrating Dave Elman’s medical hypnosis methods. Larry also teaches Hypnosis Certification Courses for Hypnosis societies and provides courses in more advanced hypnosis subjects.

Semantics: The Heart of Hypnosis

The hypnotist’s primary tools are his words. But too many hypnotists pay little or no attention to their choice of those words or their relation to one another. When you construct a Suggestion, do you consciously pay attention to whether the Client will derive the same meaning in your words as you intended? What ARE “bad” words? While we consider semantics, shouldn’t we also consider visual communication? Would you allow a person who is present at a session to “hint” to your client via gestures or grunts? This presentation will consider Semantics as any form of communication with the Client.


H. Larry is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: The Dave Elman Recordings: Attend His Course Now!

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