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Gyula Julias Kovacs

Gyula Julias Kovacs


Gyula Julias Kovacs performed his first hypnosis show in February 1998. Few months later he earned a Psychology degree at the University of Western Ontario, London, and became a Consulting Hypnotist and a Trainer at N.G.H. Julius appeared on TV and at some radio stations in Hungary, at radio stations in Canada, and in Tampa, FL. Also, he was portrayed at the London Free Press, London, ON., Canada. Julius performs most of his shows at high schools all over the country. Besides stage shows, hypnotist training, and consulting, presently he works at Newton Public Schools as a Behavior Therapist in MA.

How to Start Stage Hypnosis?

Many of you might have the question. Can I do stage hypnosis? Based on personal experiences in Germany, Canada, and in the States, I will explain and show you the way you may be able to start to do stage hypnosis shows. This 1 hour presentation would highlight the possibilities for hypnotherapists and lay people how to approach and plan your dream. From the easiest stage hypnosis market, high schools, to a small party gathering, you’ll be turbocharged to act on your dream, stage hypnosis!