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Grant Saunders


Grant Saunders – has spent the last 15 years entertaining people and developing his unique brand of comedy stage hypnosis. Grant is considered by many to be one of the TOP stage hypnotists in the UK and he is one of only a few FULL-TIME comedy stage hypnotists. Grant has performed at just about every type of venue from local pubs, theatres and he has even performed at Balmoral castle. Grant has a direct down to Earth delivery and loves to share both the ups and the downs of performing hypnosis

Performing hypnosis – all hypnosis is stage hypnosis

Performing hypnosis is not just for the entertainer in fact from the moment you pick up the phone to a client you are “on stage” everything you say and do will be critiqued on some level by the client.

Just because you have an audience of 1 doesn’t mean you give this performance less than 100%