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Grace Smith


Grace Smith – Grace Smith is on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream.

A renowned hypnotherapist, Grace is the founder of www.gshypnosis.com, the world’s #1 hypnotherapy hub, as well as Grace Space Hypnotherapy School.

Grace is a regular guest on CBS’s hit show, The Doctors, and her work has been featured in The Atlantic, Marie Claire, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Bustle, InStyle and more.

Grace’s private clients include celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, and government officials; her keynote speeches and workshops have taken her to Procter & Gamble, Summit.Live, Women Empowerment Expo, Ritz Carlton, PSE&G, Soul Camp, Verizon, and HypnoBiz.

Keep a look out for her first book on self-hypnosis, Close Your Eyes, Get Free, hitting the shelves of all major retailers on July 17, 2018.

To learn more about Grace, check out her #mindsetreset videos on Instagram @GraceSmithTV that will help you easily and effortlessly transition into a more restful state.

How to raise your rates to $500 and have a 6 month waiting list: A workshop on pricing, positioning, and packaging your services.

If your business isn’t earning the revenue you desire, it’s likely because you’ve been trained how to be an excellent hypnotherapist, not an excellent entrepreneur. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals required to grow your business exponentially by behaving as more than just an exceptional hypnotherapist, but first and foremost as CEO of your company. Grace Smith has grown her business to over 80,000 email subscribers, 60k followers of instagram, her work with hypnotherapy has been featured on just about every major media outlet, her book is the new #1 bestseller in Hypnotherapy on Amazon, and her company, Grace Space, had their first 6-figure MONTH in July 2018. Come learn from a woman who has built a booming business, so you can learn to do the same.

Close Your Eyes, Get Free: Empowering your clients to heal themselves

Historically hypnotherapists marketed the idea that we hold the keys to our clients success, that we know some secret they don’t know. In today’s market of self-development and self-help, this falls flat.  Gone are the days of worshiping at the feet of a guru, hoping they will heal you and take away all of your problems. Your prospective customers and clients want to be their own guru, and they’ll pay you good money to show them how. Grace Smith’s book, “Close Your Eyes, Get Free: Use Self-Hypnosis to Reduce Stress, Quit Bad Habits, and Achieve Greater Relaxation and Focus” was published just a few weeks ago  on July 17th 2018 and is already the #1 bestseller in Hypnotherapy on Amazon, indicating that Grace knows how to get to the heart of what the new wave of hypno-enthusiasts are looking for. Attend this workshop to learn how to stop being the gatekeeper to your client’s success, and instead, the trusted, skilled professional who will teach them how to heal themselves.