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Gila Zak


Gila Zak – Being born into a counter culture family in the 60’s was often an uncomfortable experience on various fronts. However, as a result I developed a strong ability to observe people around me and formulate what may have been motivating their behavior. In high school, I garnered the title “Free Clinic” as counselor to my peers (and sometimes adults) either by choice or accident.

I have been fascinated with NDE and OBE since my youth and clients often find their way to me with unresolved issues around their own experiences with it. I started a self directed research project on this topic with the intent that someone else may be interested or benefit from what I have experienced with my clients.

I have read and researched various aspects of the phenomenon of NDE and OBE and incorporate it into my practice.

 Near Death and Out of Body Experiences and
the application of Hypnosis

Explore common and not so common topics covered with clients as applied to NDE and OBE. Case history references as well as various techniques applies.