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Gila Zak


Gila Zak –  C.Ht is Certified Handwriting Analyst, behaviorist and overall curious student of life. She actively pursues continued education on the mind-body connection & neuroplasticity and how it can be utilized for an optimum quality of life. In business since 2009, she has a thriving practice and has accumulated thousands of hours of clinical experience.

Her office is in Los Osos, CA. For more information on hypnosis and areas of specialty please go to her website QuantumWavesHypnotherapy.com

Sexual Suggestibility and Relationship Strategies

Men are from mars, women are from Venus
In this popular statement, we are led to believe that women and men are inherently different in the way they communicate. What may be a more reliable factor to determine ones communication style would be their Sexual Suggestibility, or sexual personality. This is best described as how we outwardly express ourselves in our relationships. This model is supportive of personal, professional and interpersonal relationships.

In this presentation you will learn the E & P model of sexual behavior including:
what IS Emotional and Physical sexuality, what determines your sexual personality, what is the biggest mistake we make in relationships, how sexual personality affects our motivations within the relationship and strategies change our behavior.

If you work with individuals or couples on relationship issues, are interested in more insight into your own relationships, or want another approach to behavior modification, this topic is for YOU!