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Gary Urso

Gary Urso


Gary Urso is a practicing attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 1984. He has been a State of Florida certified mediator for 24 years. He is a certified hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal hypnotherapist and a member of the ACHE. Mr. Urso is a former prosecutor for the State of Florida, former State of Florida Senior Attorney and has been in private practice since 1992 practicing in the area of civil, criminal, family and dependency law. He has a BS and a Med degree in counseling from St. Lawrence University. His Juris Doctorate is from the University of Dayton School of Law.

Hypnosis and the Law:  Emerging Trends, Ethical Considerations and Practical Advice for Today’s Practitioner

This presentation will focus on emerging trends, ethical considerations and practical advice for hypnotists and hypnotherapists from the perspective of a legal professional and hypnotherapist.  It will be a fast paced and even lighthearted look at the all too serious realities and ethical considerations for hypnosis and the law.  A must for anyone who does, wants to or might practice hypnosis.  Topics to include the benefits of malpractice insurance, internet and Skype session considerations, practical advice for the cease and desist order and arrests.  We will look at the civil and criminal justice system as it applies to hypnosis.  There will be some fun and thought provoking exercises and of course questions and answers.