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Garry Coles


Garry Coles – One of only a very small number of hypnotherapists in the UK (and probably Europe) to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Practising as a full-time therapist for many years, Garry has busy private practices in five locations in London (Harley Street) and the south of the UK. Garry has consulted for over 12 years at a major hospital specialising in oncology based hypnotherapy work. He also practises from within a local GP surgery, with the GP’s referring many of the patients directly. In addition, he receives hospital referrals and referrals from many other local GPs and health care professionals. Garry successfully presented at HT Live 2017 for the first time, receiving great feedback and was followed up extensively, post conference particularly by physicians eager to know more.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) – The next ‘big thing’ in mind / body medicine?

Is PNI destined to be the next big breakthrough in mind / body medicine? PNI is a relatively new science that examines the relationships between body function and psychological states. It is the study of how mind states can affect responses of the immune system. There is mounting evidence indicating a potential link between negative mind-sets such as stress, and the development or continuing course of such conditions as cancer and arthritis. Therefore, a positive state of mind may assist in boosting the immune system potentially altering the course or outcome of the condition. This presentation is designed to give a thorough introduction to PNI and how it relates to hypnotherapeutic interventions.

Garry is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: HYPNO-ONCOLOGY – THE USE OF HYPNOTHERAPY IN CANCER SETTINGS

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