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Garry Coles


Garry Coles – One of only six hypnotherapists in the UK (and probably Europe) to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Garry is also one of the few hypnotherapists contracted to the UK NHS for hypnotherapeutic work. Garry has well over a decade of experience working with cancer patients within a hospital oncology unit (as well as privately). Garry has received in-depth hospital cancer training and been part of a Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team. He also carried out the first ground breaking UK clinical research project into the effects of pre-surgical hypnotherapy on the recovery quality in breast cancer biopsies.

Anatomy of a Hypnosis Research Project

An introduction into carrying out empirical hypnotherapy research, particularly in conjunction with the medical and clinical industry, or within the countries health service. Tips and advice. Good research into hypnotherapy is paramount in moving the industry forward and it being taken more seriously by the establishment. But how do you go about carrying out research? What can you research? What types of research are there? What makes good research? How and what can you measure? How do you fund it? What are the ethical implications? Can you carry out research in the within the medical industry? How do you ‘prove’ your findings? Using his ground breaking research into the examining the effects of pre-surgical hypnotherapy in breast cancer operations, as a template, Garry will guide you on a journey through this often tricky, but expanding area. He will give tips and insights into how to carry out your own valid, empirically tested hypnotherapy research whilst avoiding the pitfalls. He will demonstrate how to take your research from an original idea through to the finished research article or dissertation.

Hypno-Oncology – The use of Hypnotherapy in Cancer Settings

To give delegates a better understanding of the use of hypnotherapy approaches and techniques with cancer patients. It will give and overview of what cancer is, along with an insight into the patient’s journey. It will look at the legal and ethical implications of working in this area and give ideas on what to work with and how! It will also introduce the concept of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which may change and enhance the approaches that the therapist utilises. Demonstrating as a hypnotherapist what you can work with, what techniques and approaches to utilise and why. Unique things to take into account when working with cancer patients. Discussing how to improve your offering to cancer patients. Showing how to improve your approach taking PNI into account. Includes examples and case histories.