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Fredric Mau


Fredric Mau – is known for his deep and careful scholarship on the neurology of hypnosis, and for his ability to make complex information fun and accessible. He has received research awards from both the NGH and the international Hypnosekongress in Zurich, Switzerland. His keynote, plenary, and break-out presentations are playful and thought-provoking. He speaks both nationally and internationally on hypnosis and counseling, and is the author of two books.

Opioid Crisis Solution: The Neuroscience and Practice of Hypnotic Pain Relief

Approximately 100 people die each day due to opioid abuse, and annually Americans average three prescriptions for opiods; physicians prescribe ever more powerful substances for relief. In 2017 the American College of Physicians issued new empirically-based clinical guidelines for the use of relaxation instead of opioids. The neuroscience of hypnotic pain relief is now well-established. This is the opportunity for hypnotists to step forward and help alleviate this crisis with one of our most effective tools.

The Three Doors: Practical Application of the Neurology of Hypnosis to Defeat Anxiety

The brain responds differently in relaxation than in waking state. Anxiety responses are not driven by the conscious control portions of the brain, the neocortex, but by physically deeper structures which process emotion – the limbic system. Hypnosis processes uniquely engage this limbic processing, and allows us to address problems at the literally deeper level where they originate. The Three Doors metaphor provides an excellent practical starting point for addressing anxiety issues.