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Fredric Mau


Fredric Mau – received the NGH 2016 Hypnosis Research Award and the 2013 HypnoScience Award at the Hypnosekongress in Zürich, Switzerland. He is known for his clinical and scientific teaching on the nature and uses of hypnosis, and his engaging speaking style. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been the keynote speaker for professional counseling associations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. He regularly speaks at international conferences, including presentations this past Fall in London and Berlin. Mr. Mau holds the top credential in the counseling profession – National Certified Counselor; he is also a Distance Credentialed Counselor, Board Certified Hypnotherapist. Mr. Mau the author of two books, A Different Reality: Adventures in narrative therapy & a protocol to address anxiety disorders and insomnia, and Emotion: The Power of Change: A Science-based Approach to Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Epigenetics: The Biology of Passing on Emotional Memory

The hundred year Nature vs. Nurture debate has ended, and Nurture wins hard. Epigenetics demonstrates emotional memory is passed to future generations via chemical riders alongside the genetic code. Emotional trauma can be inherited biologically. Positive changes made in the current generation are also inherited. This has profound significance for our understanding of past family traumas, even erasing the family curse and creating a new future – not just for your client, but for their children.