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Freddy Jacquin


Freddy Jacquin –  Freddy Jacquin has worked as a hypnotherapist since 1994. He has helped more than 30,000 therapy clients in his private practice and group sessions. He is the founder of The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, and has trained over one thousand hypnotherapists throughout the world. In 2010 he was awarded the B.Sc.(Hons) in Clinical Hypnosis from St. Mary’s University College.

Learn more about Freddy and what he teaches here: http://jacquinhypnosisacademy.com

Also check his personal website www.freddyjacquin.com

The Arrow Technique with Freddy Jacquin

Freddy will demonstrate and teach you his unique approach to helping people who are suffering from chronic pain. He will share the remarkable intervention, The Arrow Technique. You can expect live demonstrations with anyone who is in pain, and that you will leave with a clear understanding of how you can use The Arrow Technique as a stand-alone intervention or integrate it into your existing approach.