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Fern Tausig

Fern Tausig


Fern Tausig -I am a former secondary health education teacher in CT, with a 6th year level of education. I use all my knowledge and resources from teaching stress management, nutrition and wellness to bring the most up to date information to my presentations. I am a natural presenter and have a passion for teaching and for hypnosis. I teach other people how to effectively use my techniques to increase their success with clients.
I am certified by NHG and have been a practicing hypnotist for over 11 years. I am certified as an instructor by IACT and I regularly present programs to corporations and adult education classes.

Effective Smoking Cessation Program

This presentation promotes the idea of becoming a nonsmoker instead of ‘quitting’ smoking. This is a simple approach that is proven to be effective for 1 or 2 sessions.
I will present smoking as a habit that became a tool for coping with stress and improving self confidence during teen years when other coping skills were not available or learned. I help to teach coping skills that create new habits to deal with stress and negative feelings without needing to smoke. Providing effective smoking cessation programs can be a lucrative part of hypnosis services. This approach can be used individually or in a group setting. I will use a power point presentation to explain the alternative stress reducing techniques and to explain the brain’s functioning in creating and eliminating unwanted habits.

Weight Loss – One Size Does Not Fit All!

This program offers several approaches for a variety of different weight loss issues. I will present a power point presentation with descriptions of proven techniques to use with clients. The techniques range from NLP and EFT to hypnosis.
Often weight loss has emotional components and sometimes is just about poor eating habits. Clients have struggled with feelings of addiction to sugars and feeling out of control around food. I address different approaches for each kind of issue.
The objectives for my presentation are:
• Attendees will learn the reasons for diet failure
• Attendees will be able to identify the 5 causes of client’s weight problems
• Attendees will learn the 5 holistic steps approach to permanent weight loss
• Attendees will experience the powerful pretalk that sets the client expectations to lose weight without dieting by changing their relationship with food and with their body