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Eugene Popa


Eugene Popa – is head of the Romanian Hypnosis Association, TV Show host and a renowned international Speaker and Therapy Trainer.
Eugen has been studying with some of the most prominent professionals in the world of hypnosis and has been teaching classes in Europe, Asia and South America. His motto is Learn, Grow, Share

Facebook LIVE  – YOUR Springboard to Fame!

Use Facebook LIVE platform to reach millions of potential clients and establish yourself as The Expert in the field!

– Why is Facebook LIVE essential to your online succes
– What are the benefits of using this platform
– How can you maximize your impact doing LIVE sessions at the right time
– What are some of the best ways methods to use when doing LIVE sessions
– How you can use Facebook LIVE to broaden your clientelle
– What to do and NOT to do in a LIVE session
– What technical details are important to know
– How to do Facebook LIVE like a pro, from the start
– Do you need special equipment or not?

Facebook is constantly growing and does not show any signs of stopping!
Using this plaform enables your to choose the best audience for your products and services.
Of the many ways you can use Facebook, the LIVE Broadcast is deffenately one you want to jump on because it is The most promoted service to date! A Live session has more impact to your public than a recorded video and that means you get to be in touch instantly and directly with your potential clients and fans.
In this one hour workshop you will learn how and most importantly, WHY to use Facebook Live!
It will be a fast paced workshop with real, hands-on, practical adviced that you can put to practice immediately!
This is a must for anyone who wants to reach out to people and spread the word about their products and services!
– Brief Presenter Introduction
– Introduction of Facebook LIVE and why it matters
– How to perform a LIVE broadcast on facebook
– The pros and cons to facebook live
– Demonstration
– Handouts

Build your Brand Online

Learn the essential pillars in online branding.
The Do’s, the Dont’s and the Must’s
Learn why it is important to have an online presence and how to achieve that with the least amount of effort or technical knowledge.
How to position yourself in the eyes of the public
Why you need a website
Why you need a blog
How to grow your following

“Branding is what people say when you are not in the room”
– Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

In the world of selfies, snapchat and instant communication, branding is all about being in the mind of consumers, wheather we talk about end users buying your programs and dvd, or the client in your therapy room or, you fellows and peers.
Knowing how to position yourself and how to promote yourself is vital in todays world.
In this workshop you learn practical steps on how set the cornerstones of your brand and how to expand on it!

What is branding
What are the basic principles in branding
What are the simple steps you need to take to create and promote your brand
Why is your website so important
How to market your brand