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HLarry & CherylBest Practices of Dave Elman

Tuesday & Wednesday,
August 22-23



Learn Dave Elman’s incredible hypnosis methods, which were taught to thousands of Medical Physicians and Dentists in the 1940’s – 1960’s. This pre-course of our traditional two day Best Practices Course is taught by H Larry Elman and Cheryl Elman and consists topics and practice in:
• History of Dave Elman’s Course and Evolution of Dave’s Methods
• The Dave Elman Induction- history, process approach and troubleshooting
• Other Elman Inductions
• Waking Hypnosis
• Hypnotic Semantics
• Teaching Clients Self Hypnosis
• Hypnosis for Children
• Hypnotic Anesthesia & Pain Management
• The Esdaile State
• The Hypnotic Seal (Lecture only)
• Age Regression And much much more…

Course Benefits:
Larry Elman will bring depth and understanding of his fathers methods, obtained through attending his course 3 times, and growing up watching the evolution of this methods as it changed with the feedback of its physician and dentist students.
• Cheryl and Larry Elman create an energetic, dynamic duo which makes this class both fun and informative. Time flies by.
• You will leave this class with confidence in your mastery of the Dave Elman Induction and other methods.
• You will understand and improve your inductions, and be able to modify or re-create your own for your client and the situation.
• You will receive a book of the course which will continue to be a reference for years to come.
• You will learn how Waking Hypnosis allows you to use your hypnosis skills in locations and situations where trance states are not appropriate, including giving presentations to civic groups or schools.
• When you know the subtleties of hypnotic semantics the effectiveness of your suggestions, your deepeners, and your other procedures become much more reliable and effective.
• Also included are hypnosis for children, the Esdaile state, regression, pain management, Process Method technology, and other items to improve your interface with the medical community, and much more.
• History of Dave Elman’s Course and Methods

H. Larry Elman,  CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute studied hypnosis with his father, Dave Elman. He had an engineering career (MIT, the US Air Force and the Defense Industry) eventually retiring as Colonel, USAF. He has returned to the “family business” is now a lecturer and writer and has been a presenter and trainer since 2009 in 18 countries/5 continents. He has received:
• 2009 Presentation Award from the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)
• 2011 IHF ANGEL Award (International Hypnosis Federation)
• 2013 Humanitarian Award from IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)
• 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from HypnoseKongress, Zurich
• 2014 Educator of the Year Award from Mid-America Hypnosis Conference.
Larry brings to this course tremendous insight into the transformation of his father’s methods during the years from 1949 into the 1960’s – which were based on collaborative efforts of Dave Elman and the doctors and dentists he was teaching. He adds insights of additional changes from Dave until now which has accompanied the development of the modern profession of hypnotherapy.