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Elizabeth Rose


Elizabeth Rose –  is an Author, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Master Clinical Hypnotist, and Certified Healing Arts Facilitator, based at therosecottage.ca in Saint John, New Brunswick. She is also a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with over 25 years of experience in institutional investment management. In 2001, her focus shifted and she began helping individuals heal, expand their awareness, and accomplish specific behavior and life goals through powerful hypnosis, healing, and counseling techniques. Today, Elizabeth specializes in consciousness exploration using hypnosis, energy healing, and channeling.

Group Hypnosis to Explore Consciousness and Release Emotional Baggage:

Elizabeth describes highlights from her work with clients on their journey of consciousness exploration. She noticed clients from around the world shared similar experiences and began facilitating small group sessions. Deep in trance, individuals in the group can locate and actually see each other on the astral plane, then move through past life, inter-life, and future life regressions together. Elizabeth explains how she facilitates these collaborations that result in heightened awareness, emotional healing, and the development of some amazing spiritual gifts.