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Elizabeth Kehir

Elizabeth KehirBIOGRAPHY

Elizabeth Kehir – is a California trained Hypnotherapist. She graduated from the nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, HMI, Where she completed 720 classroom hours and a 6-month residency program. She began her own private practice in both California and Massachusetts in 2007. Helping hundreds of clients create a balanced mindset that has brought them more happiness in all areas of their lives. Getting over fears, being more confident, losing weight, getting more sleep and an overall felling of being more accomplished. Elizabeth Kehir, specializes in relationship strategy and hypnotic language, allowing all relationships to achieve higher balance and accomplishments. “You are as strong as your mind is, so why not create patterns that better service you, making you feel healthier, look awake, and sound like you can achieve your goals because you are more focused on getting around the blocks that have prevented you in the past.” This is something she says and believes strongly. When Elizabeth is not helping others relax and gain more control, you can find her relaxing with a good book and a warm cup of tea.’:

Body language isn’t the only way to get more of what you want!!!

My technique is inspired by “Dr. John Kappas: E&P of relationships.” I will show people how to work with clients better, bosses, even getting the right type of partner through online dating or in person dating. How to get your significant other to take out the trash or errands around the house through the way of least resistance. I call the technique Direct/Indirect communication. Its a technique that has proved to be successful for many of my clients as well as in my relationships. I have put together a sample video that will help in all of relationships. This video most importantly helps you figure out what kind of communicator you are or are not. This is just the tip of the iceberg and learning more about it can lead to more money, happy relationships, finding love and getting your way most of the time. AT the end there is a fun quiz! Enjoy!!

Now how about a glass of water? http://youtu.be/zmSZ1_wL5Uk