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Elizabeth Campbell


Elizabeth Campbell is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor for the NGH, a Master NLP Practitioner and Instructor for NFNLP and has recently been awarded the Order of Braid. She has taught hypnotic techniques for many years, both nationally and internationally and enjoys directing a hypnotists’ chapter in Stuart, Florida.

Empowering people to make the changes they desire and to live the lives they choose is her greatest joy. In addition to traditional hypnotism and neurolinguistic programming, Elizabeth also employs the spiritual techniques of ThetaHealing and is an instructor of ThetaHealing.

Develop Group Events to Expand Your Practice

Shared interests. Topics such as Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Keeping New Year’s Resolutions and Fearless Public Speaking are just a few ideas that work well for group workshops. Incorporate Hypnotism, NeuroLinguistic Programming or other techniques you already know to present enjoyable events that will bring people back for more.

Examples of successful workshops plus a group experience will inspire you to create your own group events.