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Duff McDuffee



Duff McDuffee – Andrew “Duff” McDuffee has worked as a coach since 2003, using NLP and hypnosis to create change at the unconscious level. Duff teaches NLP as a trainer with the iNLP Center, has taught Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Introduction to NLP with the Denver School of Hypnotherapy, and has presented at the 28th American Council of Hypnotherapy Examiners International Hypnotherapy Conference. He has assisted as a coach on numerous Core Transformation trainings with Tamara Andreas, and has trained in Andrew T. Austin’s excellent Metaphors of Movement model, and attended other advanced NLP trainings. Duff manages the NLP publishing company Real People Press, owned by Steve and Connirae Andreas, and owes much of what he has learned from these two wonderful people. His private practice website can be found at duffmcduffee.com.

Transform Anxiety and Fear

Don’t just cope with anxiety, transform it! In this experiential half-day training, you’ll watch, learn, and practice 4 different techniques for transforming anxiety at its source. Gain the confidence to work with even the most anxious clients, or transform your own anxiety and live anxiety-free. 40 million Americans experience so much anxiety they have a diagnosis. After this training, you’ll have more tools to help them. Detailed step-by-step handouts included so you can review the exact methods or have them on hand while guiding clients. As a former anxiety sufferer, I can honestly say these are some of the best tools for transforming anxiety that I’ve come across.