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Douglas Newell

Douglas Newell


Douglas Newell (MFA, MH, CHt) is an award-winning director, writer, performer, and teacher with over 35 years experience in film, tv, stage, and audio. He is also incredibly fortunate to have trained with the amazing Sherry Hood at the Pacific Institute for Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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The Creative Community – Discovering a New Clientele

The creative community is a diverse demographic that embraces every social, economic, racial, and ethnic background. This group has tremendous potential as a source of new clients and financial benefit. Using a lifetime of artistic experience Douglas will introduce such things as how to:

1 Identify such groups within the local community.
2 Develop specific marketing strategies for each group.
3 Create a personalized presentation.
4 Select inductions targeting the creative client.
5 Master three powerful techniques to benefit any creative person, including you.

Join him for this unique hour to expand your professional opportunities.