HypnoThoughts LIVE 2019

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Douglas Meacham


Douglas Meacham- Hypno Historian, has been practicing hypnosis since 1996. While helping people with hypnosis is his vocation, his avocation is 20th-century popular culture with a focus on hypnosis. He has an extensive collection of early examples of hypnosis related materials including sheet music from 1911 and Axis propaganda envelopes used during WWII to more current examples of hypnosis and hypnotherapy referenced in popular culture.

Hypno Pop: Hypnosis in 20th Century Pop Culture

Join me for a fun and educational romp through the 20th century (and a bit beyond) to see how public understanding and perception about hypnosis has been colored by popular culture. We’ll look at how books, comics, magazines, movies, and music have shaped the ups and downs of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and how we, as practitioners, can influence the public’s perception.

“I’d have stayed until the motel kicked us out to see you complete your comic book presentation – best OHA presentation EVER!”

Joseph Bennett, Oregon Hypnotherapy Association Board Member