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Dottie Ward

Dottie Ward


Dottie Ward – owns and operates the Medical Center Hypnosis Clinic headquartered in San Antonio, TX. She has 20 years’ experience as a Certified Hypnotist and has been a Certified Instructor for NGH since 2004 as well as a Certified Master Trainer for IACT for the past 10 years. Recently she has expanded her business geographically as well as her practice into sports hypnosis.

Including EmoTrance and Other Empowering Energy Techniques Into Your Sessions

Adapting a number of powerful energy techniques into your hypnosis sessions can move your clients along exponentially. Clients come out of trance feeling like dragon slayers as they manage to discharge long-standing emotional issues easily and imaginatively, especially if you give them the tools to do so on their own. Perhaps the dragon is a long-forgotten event that has been controlling their emotional state for ages; perhaps the dragon is a recent trauma that keeps looping through the client’s memory; and perhaps the dragon is in reality a distortion that has outgrown its realistic parameters. In this presentation, participants will learn a few new techniques as well as how to incorporate some comfortable older techniques to facilitate and escalate clients’ hypnosis success. Time allowing, there will be an opportunity for each participant to experience these techniques.