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Doris Santic


Doris Santic – Completed hypnosis training in 2013 through Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy in British Columbia, Canada. Certified through IMDHA since 2013.

Living Subconsciously — Hypnosis & Muscle Testing

Did you know that 95% of the time humans are running off their subconscious programming? Which leaves only 5% of the time for most people to live consciously and aware in their daily lives. This is why most people can’t make the change they want on a conscious level. Muscles are linked to the subconscious and have ways to indicate whether a statement is true or false for the person being tested. Muscle testing is a great way to gather information required before the hypnosis session. This workshop teaches you how to create a new belief in less than 5 minutes. Join me in  discovering how beneficial this combo really is. It’s easy to use sequence and gets your clients the results they want.

Mastering Self-Hypnosis for you + your clients!

A deeper look into your thoughts, perceptions & beliefs! How they do directly influence the outcome. Each + every time. Your mind controls your life! Great perceptions can save you. Mis-perceptions can kill you.

Doris is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop:

Secrets of the Mysterious Mind Revealed
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