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Don Spencer


Don Spencer – founder of www.SleepNow.com™ began practicing Hypnotherapy in 1985. He founded Hypnotism InternationalĀ® to provide professional hypnosis training to his growing international clientele. He taught Hypnosis at College level along with a weekly radio talk show on Hypnosis called the Master Mind Hour. He ran multiple hypnosis clinics providing services for over 25,000 people. Spencer added entertainment to his resume working nightclubs and comedy clubs for years and ended up producing a long running 320 straight week comedy hypnosis show on a professional stage attracting over 100,000 people. His hypnotic world has taken him worldwide including producing the only hypnosis presentation as a hologram! His work has been highlighted on Fox, NBC, ABC, MTV, PlayboyTV, Virgin Radio and dozens of other media worldwide. Currently his clinic and training facility in Southern California is busy when he is not at the beach with his son.

Hypnotic Bootcamp

The Hypnotic Bootcamp is designed to give you only the skills needed to be proficient with Hypnosis. Expect 4 hours of zero fluff and go full throttle with hands on experience. The Hypnotic Bootcamp 4 hour class provides drills that you will use immediately! We cover beginning hypnosis to covert hypnosis and street hypnosis so you have a well rounded hypnotic experience that you can use fearlessly anytime, anywhere with anyone.

Don is offering a 1 day post conference workshop: INTRODUCTION TO BLACK BELT OF THE MIND

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