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Don Pelles


Don Pelles – is a hypnotherapist in Kensington, MD. He works with his clients to resolve their difficult issues and thus transform their lives, utilizing hypnosis and Neurolinguistics (NLP).

Hypnotherapy is Donald’s third successful career; he was previously a mathematics professor, making significant contributions to the field, and then a software developer.
Donald is very happily married to Rosalyn Pelles; they have three grown sons and five grandchildren.

Aligning Relationships

Aligning Relationships (a.k.a. Aligning Perceptual Positions is a unique and powerful way to maximize resourcefulness in relating to other people. Wisdom over the ages has recognized the importance of being able to “put yourself in the shoes of another” and even to adopt the perspective of a neutral observer. Early in its development, NLP incorporated these as First, Second, and Third Positions – Self, Other, and Observer – and stressed the ability to move flexibly among all three. The problem many of us have is that we don’t do this cleanly: Other intrudes into being ourSelf, so that we feel feelings that actually belong to someone else, or our attempts to be objective are muddied by our own or another’s personal viewpoints. Aligning Relationships enables us to systematically sort out these perspectives, to align how we see, hear, and feel as Self and Observer and to fully utilize what we can learn by stepping into the Other. The results generalize, not only to past, present, and future interactions but to how we experience ourselves as we walk through the world.