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Don Pelles

Don Pelles


Don Pelles Since becoming certified as a hypnotherapist 8 years ago, Donald has worked with clients to transform and resolve a wide variety of issues, employing hypnosis and NLP and especially, Connirae Andreas’ CORE TRANSFORMATION and WHOLENESS processes. Before transforming himself into a hypnotist, he had a career as a software developer for 28 years and previous to that, as a mathematics professor. He lives in Silver Spring, MD, has been happily married for over 37 years to Rosalyn Pelles, and has 3 wonderful sons, 4 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

Three Basic Self-Hypnosis Exercises

I will introduce THE ZONE, POWER SELF, and BEING, short self-hypnosis/meditation exercises inspired by the Three Basic Exercises of QUANTUM FOCUSING. (QUANTUM FOCUSING, now known as HOPE COACHING, is a highly effective blending of hypnotic healing, meditation, spiritual practice, and creative stress management, developed over more than 30 years from the experiences and practices of Michael Ellner, Richard Jamison, and Alan Barsky, as a powerful way to help people feel better, get more out of life, resolve their problems, and achieve their goals.) I will guide participants through each of these exercises and we will discuss them in the context of hypnotherapy and self-cultivation.
I teach these exercises to almost all of my clients; I find that when clients take themselves into THE ZONE for 2-3 minutes several times per day, they change – in positive ways, sometimes unexpected ways.
Attendees will be able to teach these exercises to their clients and utilize them themselves to become calmer, more focused, and to sleep better.

Ace Smoking Cessation

As with an unreturnable serve in tennis, your clients’ smoking habit will have little chance of returning when they experience the protocol I present in this class.
I will walk you through “how I do it”: the main 2-hour session from which 90% emerge as non-smokers, followed by two shorter sessions for reinforcement and followup. (When I contact them a year later, 75-80% are still smoke-free.) I will describe my intake process and my hypnosis and stop-smoking pre-talks – including four ways to dissolve a craving – which set them up for success with the hypnosis and NLP to follow. I will discuss “The Zone,” “Power Self,” my “Line-and-Slider deepener,” and finally outline the customized 20-minute hypnosis session that enable clients to walk out smoke-free.
In the second part I will introduce, as time allows, the tools that I utilize, as needed, in the two followup/reinforcement sessions, including the Swish, the Being exercise, The Wholeness Process, Visual Squash, 6-Step Reframe, and Core Transformation.
I have developed this protocol over nine years as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, adding and adapting components from teachers and colleagues plus some that I have developed, and frequently tweaking it, to a point where it has become a highly effective program in giving clients what they desperately want: ending their smoking habit/addiction for good.