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Devin Knight


Devin Knight¬†is regarded as one of mentalism’s most prolific inventors. He is also a highly sought after lecturer for both magicians and mentalists. Most of his effects are run-away best sellers and have received rave reviews. Devin works as a full-time hypnotist and mentalist. Devin strives to create effects that not only fool other mentalists, but at the same time are easy to do. The majority of his effects rely more on clever ideas, rather than difficult sleights. This puts most of his effects within the skill range of most people.

Mentalism Warmups for Hypnotist

Many hypnotists have found that by opening their hypnosis shows with a bit of mindreading ia a great way to warm up an audience and makes them more receptive to being hypnotized. In this class you will learn many ways that require no skill to convince an audience you have total control of the mind. You will be able to reveal items just thought of, much to the amazement of the audiences. Doing feats like this will almost always ensure that you have all the chairs filled for your ahow as you are demonstrating credibility. This will also help you get more bookings over your competitors as you are offering something in addition to a standard hypnosis. Add mentalism to your hypnotic and watch your bookings and credibility soar. No background in magic or mentalism is required to master the feats taught.