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Derrick Watkins

Derrick Watkins


Derrick Watkins – For more than 20 years, Derrick has study, learn and taught people how to connect and communicate with anyone at anytime! Trained as a master NLP practitioner and motivational influence coach, Derrick has an unmatched passion for helping people communicate, connect and be able to tap into a persons unconscious mind in order to create a lasting relationship! Derrick “D-Rock” Watkins is a Master Hypnotist, Speaker; Expert in Communication, Motivation & Influence


Hypnotic Public Speaking

Whether you are on Stage or Delivering a Lecture Demo,your audience wants to be motivated and inspired!

During this powerful,dynamic motivational presentation, participants will learn:

1. How to prepare for your presentation?

2. How to remove fear and doubt before you begin speaking?

3. How to establish instant rapport with your audience?

4. The (7) P’s of Hypnotic Public Speaking. How to generate “Waking Hypnosis” while you are speaking?

6. How to speak with power and passion?

7. How to speak so they will remember what you said?