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David S Prudhomme

David Prudhomme


David S Prudhomme is the Founder and Director of Mederi Welness LLC in Port Clinton, Ohio. He is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Banyan Certified Master Hypnotist in 5-Path and 7th Path, an NGH Consulting Hypnotist, Sports Hypnotist, Certified Stress Reduction Specialist, and a certified MBTI practitioner. He holds an MA in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University and a BS in Engineering from the US Naval Academy.

Ruth Schneider – and David S Prudhomme developed the From Stressed To Best system and series of books for their own clients and have honed it over the past 7 years. They receive rave reviews for their presentations.
Ruth has over 25 years of experience as a manager, educator, writer, speaker and consultant. She has a diverse combination of knowledge on motivation, personality types, problem solving, innovation team work and interpersonal relationships. She has worked in the public and private sectors and with many small businesses. She has a life-long dedication to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. She is a Banyan Certified Master Hypnotist in 5-Path and 7th Path, an NGH Consulting Hypnotist, a Certified Stress Reduction Specialist, certified Master Innovator, and a certified MBTI Master Practitioner. She holds an MS in Organizational Science from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a BA in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University.

From Stressed To Best with Ruth Schneider

The hard-wire, subconscious reaction to stress is the #1 culprit keeping you (and your clients) from being your best. Learn the 16 Personality Types that are hard-wired from birth, just like handed-ness. Learn how and why Personality Type determines how you (and your clients) respond to people, situations and suggestions. Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your suggestions and learn how to use this information to improve every relationship in your life, personal and professional. You can go from Stressed To Best and help your clients do the same!

Personality Based Suggestions with Ruth Schneider

Improve your success with EVERY client by understanding the science of Personality Type. Your client’s brain is hard-wired to readily accept certain types of suggestions without resistance. Learn to easily determine their Personality Type and adjust what you say to achieve the best results possible. Full materials available to start using the system right away as well as a 2-day post-convention certification class. Here’s what one hypnotist (John Weir) had to say: “The Stressed to Best program has given me the ability to understand my clients long before they come into the office and allows me to design and structure the most ideal session for their personality type. I know exactly what type of suggestions will work and what won’t. The greatest thing I discovered using this program is when you use suggestions that are in alignment with the client’s natural preferences and personality type it eliminates the critical factor since it is so congruent with the way they are wired. The clients just get it and they immediately act upon the suggestions without resistance because they make perfect sense to them.”

Ruth and David are also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

From Stressed to Best Certification Training
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