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David Newman


David Newman,

In 2006 I made the decision to reinvent myself. For 30 years I had been a successful corporate advisor, with a specialty of turning around companies; however, in 2006 I had a life changing event. My wife went in for a routine physical exam, was admitted into the hospital for 24 hours to rehydrate her prior to a long car trip. Twenty-four hours turned into 2 weeks ending with 4 doctors telling me that she was terminal and would have at most 6 months to live provided she had no stress, and remained on total bed rest.
At that point I decided that if the traditional medical world didn’t know what to do, I did. I had been trained in the USAF to use hypnosis under battlefield conditions and I knew that the subconscious mind has the power to heal our bodies and I was going to find an Accredited School of Hypnotherapy and learn how to save my wife.
In 2007 I opened my first office. At that time we were called Missouri Hypnotherapy and Research Clinic and we began forming close ties with organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, and NASA, Using brainwave mapping, vibrational therapies, neuro-feedback, brainwave music, and many other areas of research we have found that hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the key to making other therapies and treatments much more effective. In 2010 RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc., was formed and Missouri Hypnotherapy and Research Clinic was merged into RoseHeart. This gave me the opportunity to offer more services to my clients, have access to better research equipment, and access to the medical community where I have become a key asset and an associate to both of our hospitals and many medical clinics.
Unlike many of my peers, I am a full time Hypnotherapist that maintains office hours from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, 5 days a week.

Published Works
• How to Find, Interview, and Select the Perfect Hypnotherapist available on Amazon.com
• Silent Scream, The Ineffective Treatment of Post Traumatic Disorder published by the International Council of Professional Therapists 2012

Every Trick in the Book – Get What You Want From The Bedroom To the Boardroom

Getting what you want from the bedroom to the boardroom focuses on the subconscious behaviors within any relationship and how to change these behaviors, once you understand how each person takes in and processes information. THIS IS NOT EROTIC HYPNOSIS. This applies to every relationship from the personal level to the corporate/business level (even during corporate negotiations). We all know that Communication is the key in today’s world. This program is a money maker once you understand the concept. Attendees will learn skills that they can immediately put into use. And when you combine this with hypnosis, the results are almost instantaneous. In addition the attendees will actively practice their skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Here is what others have said about this program.

When I came to Dr. Newman, I was a complete mess, my relationship with my boyfriend was in the tank, I was trying to juggle a Masters Program in psychology, with full time work, I had to deal with. I went though Dr. Newman training and to my surprise I started getting the results I had hoped for in the first week, by the end of our last session everything i was like a dream come true. Pam Epple, Columbia, MO

I had gone though marriage councling, (husband refused to participate) religous councling, and psychotherapy trying to repair the relationship. My psychotherapist told me that this relationship was over, my expectations were totally unreasonable, and we might as well file for divorce. I came to Dr. Newman, despirate pleading to God for help. Dr. Newman, put me in his program, and in 5 sessions my relationship was back to being perfect. The best part is my husband didn’t have to do anything, and didn’t have to attend any sessions. Dr. Newman, saved my marriage when others couldn’t! Lynette Baker, Columbia, MO

Dr. Newman put me into his relationship program and I was skeptible, well that would be an understatement. Dr. Newman taught me how to read people on a jury like a book. I thought I knew it all, but he quickly proved to me I didn’t know a fraction of what I had thought. Now I know how to form my questions, give opening and closing using the subconscious techinques that Dr. Newman taught me. Yeah, my win factor when way up and so did my fees. I love this program! Tim Cisco, ESQ, Lake of the Ozarks, MO