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Daniel Jamison-Goyette


Daniel Jamison-Goyette – (AKA Dan Goyette ) MY name is Dan Goyette clinical hypnotherapist at Houghton lake hypnotherapy studios I am a member of the national guild of hypnotists as well as a member of the American Psychological Association with my undergraduate studies in psychology I am also a thirty year veteran of the fire/rescue/ems field and I also continue to serve in this capacity I am also continuing my studies in psychology .

Working with First Responders and Prevalent Stress

As a thirty year veteran in the field of fire and ems rescue, i have seen many stressful events, and now working as a clinical hypnotherapist I have helped many of my brotheren deal with ongoing stress and anxiety in the past several years there have been many terrible events that have happened along with the day to day demands placed on first responders ..many people talk about PSTD stress that is felt after the event which has many symptoms. But there is also another kind of stress that is just as debilitating which I have termed prevalent stress .it is the stress and anxiety that comes from knowing as bad as the event was as hard as the emergency they responded to is the knowledge that another one just as bad is on the horizon I can personally tell it can be overwhelming in this presentation I will discuss the sings and symptoms how it can affect the mental and physical health of the first responder and I will also talk about why I do not like the word disorder and the stigma that goes along with it .as well as some techniques I have developed over the years that can be effective in helping clients come to terms with these feelings and move past them to a better and healthier way of dealing with this type of anxiety and stress.