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Daniel Cleary

Daniel Cleary


Daniel Cleary – is an internationally recognized Pain Relief Educator and Hypnosis Instructor, teaching doctors, therapists and individuals to access relief throughout the U.S. and Europe. From 2007-2012, he was a presenter at PAINWeek® a major medical conference for practitioners from around the world, specializing in the treatment of pain. Dan lives the program he presents; a member of the ‘Chronic Club’ for over thirty-five years, he shares the insights and techniques he has developed.

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CREATING CHANGE – A Program to Take Directly to the Public

Developed to assist rapid and continuing enhancement of innate skills and abilities, this workshop offers a deeper understanding of how we create the life we live. Discover the role motivation and the way in which we learn guarantee success and find the previously hidden influences impacting our thoughts and behavior. For the Hypnotist, this nationally certified program is complete, ready to deliver as a service of your practice. You receive an extensive presenters outline and other teaching materials. This program can be delivered as a one-hour lecture or in a variety of workshop formats. If you are already involved with creating programs for the public, you know how much goes into the development of an effective program. If you are new to the front of the room, you will be astounded with the immediate success you experience. Identify the motivations for change. Shift desperation to inspiration. Clarify the steps to success. Understand reinforcement and encouragement. Learn to craft effective suggestions.

INDUCTION AND INTENT – Our client’s perception is more than words alone

Our client’s perception is more than words alone. This presentation will benefit novice to expert by demonstrating the incredible effectiveness of intent. This is such a vital a part of our work, as the ease and flow of the induction allows the client to embrace all suggestions that follow. This presentation demonstrates how to eliminate resistance by turning the energy into a positive force to add depth and facilitate the perception that the purpose of the session has been fulfilled.