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Dan Paris


Dan Paris – As a Leadership Development trainer at AAA, Dan first developed a conversational coaching and training style using covert hypnosis and NLP. Dan has since learned that clients and  stakeholders who bring you to their organization make quick progress when they get right to work. Corporate clients rarely invite you into to their organization because of the modality you use to get results. They are happy to pay you for results without having to buy into how you choose to get your results. You will get more clients simply because the person sponsoring you within the organization doesn’t have to try and explain hypnosis, NLP or other modalities on your behalf.

Dan Paris is currently the lead language trainer at By Referral Only, a Real Estate training company that teaches Real Estate Agents to build a Referral Business. Dan also provides sales training and coaches top executives onsite at Fortune 100 companies. On average his clients continue to work towards achieving their goals and maintaining their results for 24 months.

Building a Client-Centered Corporate Coaching Practice That Lasts

Imagine a practice where clients pay you top dollar for sessions, supply you with free office space and provide you with an ever expanding population of clients. This is what it is like to work with fortune 500 companies. There is a catch…most big companies have big culture which shy away from the “H” word. There is only one thing harder than going into a structured work environment and selling yourself as a hypnotist or NLP practitioner that is having the person who wants to hire you try and sell hypnosis or NLP for you.