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Dan Candell


Dan Candell – is an Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor and International Keynote Speaker, known for his expertise in high performance. Dan began his career as a stage hypnotist at just 13 years old when he discovered self-hypnosis to overcome a learning disability. He’s been on the stage ever since, giving hypnosis presentations and performances – 80-120 events annually for the last few years. He’s been a featured TEDx speaker, and travels to present keynotes and workshops, recently including a trip to South America to work with international entrepreneurs. In addition to his speaking and stage career, he owns a private practice and training center in Massachusetts, where he trains hypnotists and has a full practice seeing six to eight clients per day between his travels. He has a true passion for helping others maximize their success and further their careers in their chosen field, including his colleagues in the hypnotism profession.

Powerful Profitable Presentations

You have heard it before… Live talks, demos, and presentations are a surefire way to get additional clients to
your practice… Yet, we hear about people who are giving presentations that actually cost them money
instead of making them money. There is a very specific way to do presentations, demos, and talks that
will get you clients, every time. You have to know what to offer, how to offer it, and when. This
workshop will teach you what to do in any presentation and how to do it in a way that will add clients
and income to your practice. We will also cover the 2 mistakes to avoid when doing group
presentations, and three ways to persuade any audience so that they want to work with YOU.