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Dalia Wallach


Dalia Wallach – is a hypnotist, an imagery expert and holistic health coach. She completed workshops and training in self-healing with energy medicine, chakra therapy for healing trauma and a course in essential oils and natural health. She enjoys finding creative ways to advance her clients goals at her private practice in NYC.

The Nechamah Method (T.N.M.): Body Consciousness and Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t always just about healthy eating and exercise. Sometimes certain beliefs, emotions, the residue of an experience or even a memory held in the body can interfere with weight loss. The inner programs matter. If they are filled with doubt, expect difficulty or identify with past failures, weight loss becomes more challenging. The body listens and needs to feel calm and safe in order to create a physical change. Successful weight loss occurs when there is self-love and good feelings (a calm state) not self-loathing and criticism (a stressed state.)What do your clients need to release and receive before weight loss can begin? A simple and powerful technique (HHAN) will be taught in this class so your clients can communicate with their own body’s intelligence while increasing their feelings of self-care and self-love.