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Craig Sigl


Craig Sigl – is a hypnosis and NLP trainer specializing in sports and mental toughness training. He has been featured on NBC’s evening magazine show, the Seattle P.I., ESPN, The Huffington Post Live, and numerous radio shows, podcasts and online media. He is an author, speaker, and writer to over 35k email followers selling online programs worldwide since 2004. His favorite thing of all is to mentor others.

How To Structure Your Website To Convert Visitors To Paying Clients

Most practitioners create websites that serve as: Online brochures that fail to stand out and motivate a visitor to take the first action to become a paying client. Once you couple the psychology of conversion with simple technology in a marketing-functional website (not necessarily pretty), they will be pre-sold and you will close 90% of everyone who gets on the phone with you. Maximize your website for revenue.

Sports Hypnosis & Mental Toughness: 4 Keys To Getting & Working With Athletes

Learn Craig Sigl’s R.A.C.E. Formula system, developed from working with thousands of athletes worldwide, to take any athlete or performer to their potential. How to solve difficult sports problems including acute performance anxiety. How to get coaches to send you athletes. Knowledge of client sport is unnecessary.