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Cory Osborn



Cory Osborn has spent 15 years in the software and technology space, from managing an IT help desk to training sales forces to sell technology to developing software. When he decided to launch his comedy hypnosis show, “The Osborn Experience: Phenomenal Comedy Hypnosis” he knew that technology would play a central role in helping shape both his show and his business. Friends and colleagues often seek him out online for technology advice, whether for their stage shows or their clinical practices.

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Technology and You: A Guide to Using Tech in the Office or On Stage

From the cell phone you carry in your pocket to the computer you use on your desk, technology is rapidly becoming a necessity, in the office or on stage. You use it to play music, to record sessions, to manage your website…but you still have questions. What microphone should I buy? How do I get my voice and my music on the same track for a client? What if I want to put lights in my show? How DID he do that? We’ll take a look at some common technology, and how you can integrate it into your practice or stage show, including sound recording, CRM systems (customer relationship management), common equipment, and more! Whether you’re in the office or on the stage, you’ll find some great info about integrating tech into your business.

Cory will also be performing Friday night in the Orleans Showroom:

More information coming soon…..