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Christopher Phoenix


Christopher Phoenix – Christopher’s hobby as a hypnotist for pain free and reduced pain tattooing turned professional after his appearance on Australia’s most popular national morning television show, Sunrise. Since then, Christopher has also featured as the Commonwealth Banks Australian of the Day, been interviewed on Australia’s most popular national radio station Triple M, has be the subject of numerous national and international newspaper articles. Christopher has also starred in a music video-clip and a beer commercial, and has now allied with Benjamin Ryan to form Hypno Ink.

Hypno Ink – pain free tattoos and wider applications of hypnosis for pain management w/ Benjamin Ryan

Hypno Ink. propose to present a three (3) Hour presentation and demonstration on the use of hypnosis for pain free and reduced pain tattooing, and to explore and explain how these same techniques relate to the wider application of hypnosis for pain management.

In lieu of a regular methodological presentation, Christopher Phoenix and Benjamin Ryan will use the first part of the presentation to entertain through the story of how they each discovered hypnosis for tattooing pain relief. The story will then continue and will weave into the sub plots of how their paths crossed, how they unraveled the anthropological string of the ancient roots of hypnosis for tattooing which long transcends modern times, and how they have come together (Christopher from Australia, and Benjamin from the UK) to create Hypno Ink.